Grace Over Shame

All you need to know is that my story isn't over. My struggles are my own, but I am not defined by them. ~~ Learn about me through these little glimpses into my mind. . but do not judge me; you have no idea who I am. ~~ I plan on changing the world. . Even if it's just my world. . Someday. ~~ Love is always louder. Recovery. Warrior. Survivor. Fearless. Joyful. There is always hope. Jesus is King.


Flawlessly flawless women that ruin my life with their flawlessness 
Maria Bello

No more excuses. No more silence. No more violence. No more.

Mariska Hargitay and Maria Bello - No more Campaign

Go to and join them to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Mariska & Maria at JoyROCKS


Mariska & Maria at JoyROCKS


ER meets SVU. 

Mariska and Maria Bello on set of SVU.

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 Maria Bello - 2014 Women Making History Event in LA 08/23/14


 Maria Bello - 2014 Women Making History Event in LA 08/23/14

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 - Sundance Festival de Cine (The Yellow Handkerchief) 2008.

Mariska Hargitay and Maria Bello being adorable dorks in E.R.

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Lol yes girl!

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You dream of a love which is pure, with no conditions. Strong, eternal as the sun, with which you draw a passion.

You dream of a love which is clean, with devotion. Be free, spread the wings of the heart and fly where passion nests.

Passion is like a restless wind, that turns into freedom. It is knowing that there’s someone else who lives, wishing to be able to find you.

It is traveling with no fear through the stars and the immensity. It is crossing through fire, walking on waters, making dreams come true.

Passion is that great force which moves all creation.

It is knowing that someone is waiting for you, beyond that place where the suns sets. It is forever erasing the word loneliness. It is two souls that join together to reach eternity.

You will never need someone in whom to trust. An angel who will take your hand, and will lead you to discover a world of passion.

You live with a love that is strong and with no conditions. Be free and put wings to your heart. Fly where passion nests.